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"Lil Pete" F A Q s

What is it built on?
The best models for donors are '94 to early '98 (old body style) Ford F250/350 extended cab, long box @ 155" wheel base or crew cab, long box @ 168" wheel base; with a 7.3L Powerstorke diesel and auto transmission, 2 wheel drive and single wheel rear drive.  Can also be adapted to earlier models ('88 to '93) with slight modifications to the donor vehicle.

Will the kit work on a 4 X 4?
Not in it's original configuration, the front suspension set up is totally different and the leaf springs extend forward on to the part of the frame that has to be cut off.  Also the transfer case interferes with the floor of the Lil Pete body assembly.

Will it work with a dually?
The Lil Pete is 77" at its widest point, which fits onto a 3/4 ton single rear wheel vehicle also approximately 77" wide.  Most duallys are 92" - 94" wide so it would be out of proportion unless it was fitted with an altered short pick-up box with the dually flared fenders.  The Lil Pete looks best with a 10” wide rear wheel width which keeps it in proportion with the rest of the truck.

Will it work with a standard transmission?
Lil Big Rig has researched the clutch and brake pedal assembly and it appears that it will bolt up to the same mounting brackets as the auto transmission models.  It also appears the clutch master cylinder will fit on the Lil Pete in the same location as the donor vehicle.  Some modifications may have to be done to the shifter as the Lil Pete body work is located further back on the frame than the stock vehicle.  The prototype was built with an auto transmission, as that is what 90% of the inquires have asked for and also there are more auto transmissions available as donors, than the standard transmission.

Is there room in the sleeper for rear seats or a bed?
The inside dimensions of the sleeper are 75" x 42" x 54" H.  With the front seats all the way back there is approximately 40" behind the seats, so there is room for a seat or a bed.  The Lil Pete is offered with the sleeper in different configurations.  The basic body assembly includes a standard sleeper with no windows.  The options are as follows:
1. Rear window only
2. Rear and side windows
3. Rear window with right hand door or left hand door
4. Rear window and doors on both sides

Will it work on a GM or a Dodge truck?
The Lil Pete kit was specifically designed to fit onto a Ford F250/350 frame.  The reason for this is the relationship of the front axle center line to the front of the pickup.  The Ford front wheel center line is set further forward than the Chevy or Dodge and is the most suitable for the Lil Pete to give it that long wheelbase look.
You could adapt the Lil Pete body assembly to a Chevy with a Duramax diesel but the body and hood has to be moved back for the wheel wells to line up with the front wheels and you would have to install a specially built radiator / inter-cooler and air conditioner because of the space restrictions.
It may also be possible to adapt the Lil Pete body to a Dodge with a Cummins but the engine and transmission would have to be relocated back a minimum of 9 inches, as the straight 6 is longer and in the stock location will not allow the hood to be moved back for the wheel wells to line up with the front wheels.  Lil Big Rig does not build a fitting kit to adapt your Lil Pete kit to these models of trucks.  The modifications of the donor vehicle is the responsibility of the builder.

Will the body assembly fit on an E type Ford van?

Originally I was going to build the Lil Pete on an E250 van because of the front axle placement but I found that there are not enough donor vans available with a diesel engine. Most seem to have a gas engine.  The wheel base is also too short @ 137".  I chose the F250 pick-up because of the availability and the cost.  Lil Big Rig has designed the Lil Pete to fit specifically on a F250 and any modifications required to fit it to an E type van would be the responsibility of the builder.

What modifications have to be done to the frame of the donor vehicle?
The Lil Pete body kit is designed to use the original mounts on the donor vehicle.  No modifications are required other than cutting the front of the frame off close to the radiator support.  The dimensions are included in the assembly manual.

What parts are required from the donor vehicle?
We recommend purchasing a complete donor vehicle.  You are going to require numerous components from the donor vehicle which include, but are not limited to, the radiator and air conditioner condenser, brake booster and master cylinder assembly, pedal assembly, steering column and switches, wiring harness, computers, accelerator pedal and related components, etc.

What is involved with getting a title for a Lil Big Rig?  Can I use the VIN on the donor vehicle?
As far as the licensing of the completed vehicle, it will depend on what state that you are in and what that states laws are.  In the state of Tennessee, where we are located, it is much less complicated to have the original title and VIN number of the donor vehicle in your name to begin with.  Most states have provisions for specially constructed vehicles (i.e. hot rod, kit cars).  It is best to check with the local authorities for the regulations that apply to your state.

Will an F150 work as a donor vehicle?
The Lil Pete would fit on the frame of a F-150 ext cab as the body mounts are in the same location as the F-250 ext cab that the Lil Pete is designed for.  However, the F-150 frame is lighter gauge material and lower than the F-250 and usually has a gasoline engine.  The design of the Lil Pete body assembly is focused on diesel applications.

Is a day cab available?
Over 90% of the requests have been for a truck with a sleeper, so at this time we will not be building a day cab.

Will an extended sleeper be available?
The cab sleeper unit is all molded into one piece and we have no plans to build an extended sleeper (condo).

Are turnkey units available?

Turnkey units are not available. 

Are there other body styles available?
Yes, see the Lil Kenny page.

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