Lil Big Rig
The Lil Kenny

Lil Big Rig "Lil Kenny"
Body Assembly

The Lil Kenny was the first model designed and built by Lil Big Rig.  It was originally conceived and designed as a gas powered street rod, approximately 65/70% the size of a big truck.

The Lil Big Rig Lil Kenny is an easy to assemble body assembly, which converts a long bed Full Size Chevy pickup (any year from 1973 to 1987), or a Dodge 1500/2500 2WD standard cab (1994 through 2003) into a Big Rig look alike, while retaining the size of a pickup.  This model of Chevy or Dodge pickup is readily available at a reasonable cost, and provides a strong but simple donor vehicle from which to work.  The body assembly consists of all the fiberglass parts, brackets and other components necessary to build your Lil Kenny.  The cabin and body panels are all hand laid fiberglass with sandable get coat.  They are reinforced with steel where required.  All hinges, latches and seat belt mounts are steel to steel construction.  No welding is required as all components which require welding are fabricated at the factory.

This is a very comprehensive and complete body assembly.  The components are pre-assembled for your convenience and for easy assembly.  The cabin sleeper unit is pre-assembled complete with floor, with the mounts set out and drilled to fit the existing mount locations on the designated models of pickup.  The door assemblies including power windows are mounted to the cabin unit and adjusted.  The dashboard is pre-fitted.  A rectangular steel tube is fitted behind the dashboard and steel reinforcement is included to mount the brake booster and steering column.  The seat mount brackets are pre-drilled and installed with a fiberglass cover.  The rear and side sleeper windows are pre-installed.  The windshield is installed without the trim.  Four 1//2" dia bolts are all that is required to mount the cab assembly to the original pickup mounts.  The front hood fender assembly mounts to the original front body mount with two 1/2" dia bolts.

Although originally designed to suit early model Chevy pickups, the Lil Kenny body assembly can be adapted to fit most American built full size pickups, as they all have comparable wheel base and track measurements, and the cab mounting points are in similar positions.  The floor of the main cab unit of the Lil Kenny is flat which makes adaptation fairly simple by moving the body mounts to the required locations for your vehicle.  Although no claim is made that it can be made to fit all possible models, most full size pickups checked by Lil Big Rig were suitable for use.  The Lil Kenny body assembly may also be fitted to most extended cab, crew cab or longer wheel base vehicles with minor changes to the rear body mounts.  The Chevy body assembly with minor modifications can be used as a generic body assembly to suit most other full size pickups.

Lil Big Rig only build specific kits for the models designated on this page.  Adapting the Lil Kenny body assembly to other models would be the responsibility of the builder.

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